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These are the 2010 Workshops.

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Solid Practical Information:

Our Expo is unique!  More than just inspiring homeschool theory or sales workshops, we strive to highlight real homeschool parents and other educators with practical, hands-on help you can use tomorrow!  Raising and educating children is our focus while taking into account all homeschool lifestyles.

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Most workshops are one hour in length and are FREE to Expo attendees – FIRST COME – FIRST SERVED!

During the Expo, you may purchase CDs of most of the Chicago Homeschool Expo workshops from the Rhino Technologies booth. You may also purchase workshop CDs from the Rhino Technologies website after the Expo.

Friday, August 6, 2010 – 10:00 AM

Early Learners: Seven Secrets for Starting Out Right (Randi St. Denis/Home Educators Encouragement Alliance) – Randi cautions parents not to overlook some important childhood activities that actually set the stage for later learning skills. Enhancing these early skills prevents learning problems and also builds a firm foundation for future academics ease and success.  Room: Nirvana A

Homeschooling, but Still Married! (Moms Only) (Todd Wilson/Familyman Ministries) – Are you having trouble finding the time and energy to meet the needs of your husband after a hard day of homeschooling? Maybe you’ve forgotten what his needs are. Would you like your husband to take a more active role in homeschooling? Maybe your husband refuses to be involved in training your children. Join me as we look at your role, not as a homeschooling mom, but as a homeschooling WIFE. Your husband will thank you for coming! The discussion will be led by a real husband of a homeschooling mom. Room: Nirvana C

Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing Disorder (Jean Wetherilt/OTR/L) – How children perceive and process sensations from their own bodies and from the world around them impacts every aspect of development including academic and social areas. Definitions and descriptions of various conditions and diagnostic categories will be explained followed by real life/homeschool intervention ideas. Come and learn how to discern who and what kind of help to pursue and receive helpful resources. Room: Innovation

Using Art to Reinforce Core Subjects/Teaching the Creatively Gifted (Sharon Jeffus/Visual Manna) – Parents learn how to utilize art projects for hands on learning of core subjects. Do you have a creative child who marches to a different drummer?  Come for encouragement and ways to develop their God given talents. Room: Imagination

Video Streaming for Middle School – College Students (Allen Dohra/Ambrose Digital) – Learn how to access standards based educational video streams to support your Social Studies, Science, Language Arts and Fine Arts needs. Affordable pricing and the ability to license only what you need makes this streaming platform a necessary support to every home school strategy. Shakespeare wrote plays. They are meant to be viewed. Access the complete works and so much more. Room: Connection

Unleashing the Power of Mathematics in YOU (Mac Balakrishnan/ – Yes, you can. Mac has proved it. Mac, the undisputed master of math tutor shows you in this workshop how to harness the power of math in you. He teaches – passionately and eloquently – that makes mathematics fun and easy. His enthusiasm is contagious as he shows you how to master the ultimate success in teaching and learning mathematics. Let’s empower today’s youth for tomorrow through a solid education.  Mac calls MATHVICTORY.COM the new way of unleashing math. You’ll call it the best thing ever happened to you.  Room: Prosperity

Teaching Spanish through Music (Stacey Tipton Reiman/Homeschool Spanish Online) – A fun introduction to teaching Spanish through music using La Bamba, with tips and resources for parents who want to make language learning come alive for their family.  Room:  Epiphany

Friday, August 6, 2010 – 11:15 AM

Overview of Curriculum Choices for Science and Math (Beth Ellen Nash/Cornerstone Learning Connections) – This workshop will overview a number of science and math curriculum choices to help you make an informed decision about which resources are best for your family. Math curriculum overviewed will include Bob Jones, the Key To math series, Mathletics, Math-U-See, Right Start Math, Saxon, Singapore Math, Teaching Textbooks, and Thinkwell. Science curriculum overviewed will include curriculum with creation-based, evolutionary, and origins neutral programs including Alpha Omega, Apologia, Bob Jones, Christian Kids Explore, Considering God’s Creation, Great Science Adventures, Janice Van Cleave, Power Basics, Pandia Press R.E.A.L. Science, Real Science 4 Kids, Singapore science, and TOPS. Room: Nirvana A

The Well-Trained Mind: Academic Excellence through Classical Education, Grades K-4 (Susan Wise Bauer/Author, Story of the World) – A practical, specific workshop covering the how-to’s of classical education for grades K-4. A place of memorization in the early years; formation for good reading and writing; using narration; placing history at the core of the curriculum; relating literature to history; introducing Latin early; mastering the facts of mathematics; the place of science in the classical curriculum.  Includes recommendations of curricula and books. Room: Nirvana C

Taking the Mystery Out of Learning Styles (Carolyn Morrison/Guiltfree Homeschooling) – This incredibly informative workshop will show you how to use your students’ strengths to improve their weaknesses. Identify your children’s learning styles to grab and hold their attention; identify your teaching style to spot tendencies to present every lesson in the same way. Learn how easily you can adapt any lesson to any learning style for any age! Your students can and will learn better and faster using these simple tips! Room: Innovation

DeCompartmentalizing Your Life (Lisa Brown/Homeschool Mother of 4) – We live such fast, fragmented lives, often having one personality for home, one for work, one for church, and one for our friends. Sometimes we feel like we actually have multiple personalities, and too many lives pulled in too many directions! Compartmentalizing our lives make them so much harder to live. There is an easier way! Lisa shares how homeschool families can begin to think in a new way, bringing all their individual parts into one comprehensive whole, allowing more efficiency, integration and relaxation. When we quit compartmentalizing, we get rid of the “I’m overscheduled” syndrome and the “fake” lives. Our lives start anew in a whole different and better direction. More than a “theory” or “inspirational” workshop – Lisa shows parents how to actually decompartmentalize their lives. Room: Imagination

The Art & Joy of Storytelling & Reading Aloud to Children (Jim Weiss/Greathall Productions) – Who doesn’t like to be read to? And who better to read to children than the people they love & trust most, their parents. This workshop will teach parents to make the very most of their precious read-aloud time with their children. At the heart of each story he tells, Jim Weiss’ renowned ability to make even complex subjects comprehensible & memorable to young children is evident. This delightful & immediately useful workshop will help parents to become even better readers; more clearly define their children’s listening skills; facilitate the consideration of the freshness, outlook & interpretation of the stories they choose to read; & assist in using ones voice as an instrument with rewarding & dramatic results. Room: Connection

Start A Home Based Medical Transcription Business (Deborah Burns/The Medical Transcription Service) – If you want to choose your own hours, have a business at home, find clients easily and make great money, this class will get you started.  Discover a step-by-step guide to what medical transcription is; medical transcription versus medical billing & coding; learning medical transcription simply and cost-effectively, and avoiding expensive and common mistakes. You will learn. about marketing your business easily, operating capital and grants; and everything you wanted to know about pricing, collections, equipment, computers & software, transcription machines, electronic files, business taxes, professional organizations, networking, employees vs. subcontractors, growing your business throughout the U.S., how to get hands-on work experience, work for services and much more.  Whether you’re just exploring possibilities or are already experienced, this class is for you! Work through a large workbook ($20 workbook fee payable to instructor at time of class). Room: Prosperity

How to Teach Latin (Martin Cothran/Memoria Press) – Practical advice from a seasoned author and teacher of Latin. We will overview the most popular Latin offerings from Memoria Press. Room: Epiphany

Friday, August 6, 2010 – 12:30 PM

Homeschooling with a Baby/Toddler in the House (Kelly Ling/Homeschool Mother of 5) – Secrets to success in homeschooling both children who are studying and children who are playing and running around the house – all at the same time! Learn lots of tips on how to occupy and teach the little ones and discover the joys of homeschooling with babies. Room: Nirvana A

Inside the Brain of a Hyperactive Homeschooler (Israel Wayne/Homeschool Digest) – If you have a hyperactive or easily distractible child, you won’t want to miss this informative and sometimes humorous message that shares the perspective of a homeschooling father who was once himself a hyperactive homeschooled child. You will receive practical and Biblical insights into ADD/ADHD and will be encouraged that there is hope for your child! Room: Nirvana C

The Logic of English (Denise Eide/Pedia Learning) – In this workshop we will explore The Logic of English, and learn a few of the 70 phonograms and 26 spelling rules which explain 99% of English words. We will learn 5 reasons for silent final E’s in English and more which you will wish you had learned in school. This workshop is for anyone who is teaching reading, anyone who struggles with spelling, or has students who struggle with reading or spelling. Many logical/literal engineers find this workshop amazing. You will learn how to lay a strong foundation in language arts and prevent or aid dyslexia. If you have always believed English is illogical, this workshop is for you. Room: Innovation

Homeschooling the Child Who Struggles to Learn (Randi St. Denis/Home Educators Encouragement Alliance) – Whether ADD/ADHD, learning disabled, or just plain difficult, special needs children blossom when homeschooled.  This workshop is full of specific information to help parents understand how to use special materials and methods that will ensure their child’s learning success. Room: Imagination

Teach Your Child Music (Eden Vaning/Ebaru Publishing) – “A Music Education is a very special blessing which not only enriches a child’s life by giving a child the special skills to share the beauty of music with others, but builds the child’s self-esteem, fosters leadership development, improves math, reading and other academic skills, encourages a child’s creativity, and enhances a child’s communication skills. Even a parent with little or no musical background can effectively teach his or her child music. This workshop, with lots of demonstrations, introduces a fun and easy approach to incorporate music into your curriculum. Music bonds the family, lifts the heart and is a wonderful way to give back to the community. Room: Connection

Is There A Doctor Mom in the House? (Audrey Miller/Simpler Times Health) – How does your school day go? Is there forgetfulness, poor memory, or fatigue? Does winter bring colds, flu, and sore throats? What about upset stomach and headaches? Are you prepared for emergencies? Have you tried everything but nothing helps? Hear about the role nutrition plays as well as natural health solutions in this fun and informative workshop! Room: Prosperity

The K12 International Academy (iCademy) (Nancy Condon/K12) – At the K12 International Academy, our vision is to create a global community of students, teachers, parents, and mentors that is connected by technology and dedicated to developing the unique character and intellect of each student, thereby laying the foundation for his or her success in life. Learn more about this school, course options, teacher, advisor and guidance counselor roles and part-time and full-time options. Discover how the K12 curriculum excites young minds – Join us to discover how K12 delivers individualized learning for each and every child using rich, challenging, and engaging content, cutting-edge technology and purposefully chosen books and materials. Room: Epiphany

Friday, August 6, 2010 – 1:45 PM

Get REAL! (Todd Wilson/Family Man) – Are you convinced that every homeschooling family except yours is great? Do you believe the lie that others are more organized, better prepared, have smarter kids, are wiser parents, and have a child in the national spelling bee? Well, let me set the record straight…that’s not the way it is! The truth is most moms feel inadequate. Homeschooling moms fear that they’re letting their kids down in their education and in example. They feel like their house is out of control, their children are beasts, and the sizzle has left their marriage. Join us as we unleash the power in being REAL. You’ll never be the same again.  Room: Nirvana A

Homeschooling the Second Time Around (Susan Wise Bauer/Author, Story of the World) – Susan Wise Bauer was educated at home for almost all of her elementary and secondary school years, went on to college and graduate school, and now teaches at the university level and home schools her own four children (her oldest has now graduated from high school and will be attending college in the fall). As she looks back over her own twelve years of home education, she picks out those elements which were most valuable to her in her adult life, which techniques and programs she has chosen to reproduce with her own children–and which aspects of her own education were mistakes! Room: Nirvana C

Etiquette Training In the Home (Monica Irvine/The Etiquette Factory) – Come and learn from certified etiquette instructor and master motivator, Monica Irvine, how to teach your children, in the art of etiquette. Etiquette skills take time to form and perfect, so it’s NEVER TOO EARLY TO START! Kids love to sing, play games, role play and listen to stories.  Room: Innovation

Help! My Husband’s No Help! (Lisa Brown/Homeschool Mother of 4) – A sensitive treatment of a difficult topic, Lisa shares real insights from her own journey. While offering understanding and compassion, with a good dose of humor, she tackles issues that most women avoid. Learn 7 secrets to a happy marriage and successful family and homeschool life. This workshop offers frank answers to difficult issues many women face. Room: Imagination

Teach Science Without Being a Rocket Scientist (Diane Drabek/Gravitas Publications) – Whether science is your favorite subject or the one you most fear teaching, Diane Drabek will inspire you to think beyond the view of science as a difficult subject that is taught only through textbooks and test tubes. You’ll get a wealth of ideas for creative and fun ways to help your students lay a strong foundation in science. Discover how teachable moments can be found outside of “science time” to help students learn and remember more about science. Learn how asking the right questions will result in getting the best answers. Find out how science relates to other subjects your students will be studying. Have more fun teaching the concepts of chemistry, biology and physics at pre-K through 8th grade levels. Diane has 20 years of experience as a homeschool teacher, including homeschooling her own 7 children. Room: Connection

Education or Learning (David Martin/Rod & Staff Publishers) – Shifting from the educational system’s focus on degrees and diplomas, to the practical values of real learning through a disciplined engagement of the child’s natural curiosity in the wonder of God’s nature.  Room: Prosperity

Ideas for Creating and Augmenting a Valid, Engaging and Customized Foreign Language Curriculum without Stress (Jessie McGuire/Bilingual Books) – Jessie McGuire will present ideas on how to implement a foreign language program capitalizing on the learners’ interests and without involving a major expenditure of time or money. Valuable online resources for most major languages will be given, as well as fun, engaging and educational projects that can involve the entire family.  Room: Epiphany

Friday, August 6, 2010 – 3:00 PM

Give Your Child Great Computer Skills (Kelly Ling/Computer Wizard and Homeschooling Mom of 5) – From car repair to farming to law – tomorrow’s world requires strong computer skills.  Even parents without any computer knowledge can give their child a great computer education at home, usually for FREE.  Kelly explains how homeschoolers can begin early and safely teach children from ages 8 to 18 all the essential skills from pivot tables to programming and photos to video editing. This workshop will interest adults and students alike. Room: Nirvana A

Being Salt & Light Families (Israel Wayne/Homeschool Digest) – As homeschoolers, we are often accused of retreating from society instead of impacting it. What is the balance between sheltering our children and reaching out to a lost world around us? In this session, Israel Wayne explains how you can equip your children for the “real world” by developing a family ministry. Room: Nirvana C

Tactile: The Socially Unacceptable Learning Style (Carolyn Morrison/Guiltfree Homeschooling) – If your child is constantly grabbing, touching, feeling, and holding the things around him, he/she is probably a Tactile Learner, a taboo in “polite” society. This workshop will not only make you feel better about your child, it will also show you new ways to help your student break through to better learning. Room: Innovation

Homeschooling the Difficult, Resistant Child (Randi St. Denis/Home Educators Encouragement Alliance) – The resistant child can be a nightmare to educate. Today’s resistant child could become tomorrow’s steadfast and reliable adult. Hear other parents discuss how they brought about real change without crushing the tender hearts of their child. Room: Imagination

Online Learning Best of Both Worlds (Mimi Rothschild/Learning By Grace) – Online learning can enrich your homeschooling & it can make life with your children easier & more peaceful. It can give you time & space. Leveraging technology & selecting outstanding web based resources is a skill like any other that needs to be learned. This workshop will provide you with everything you need to know to become online homeschooling experts. We will explore the vocabulary used to describe online learning options & we will uncover the wide range of opportunities available on the web; you will learn what to look for, how to ask the right questions & how to identify & then meet your child’s needs with technology. Room:  Connection

Multisensory Ideas for Spelling (Beth Ellen Nash/Cornerstone Learning Connections) – Beth Ellen Nash demonstrates many multi-sensory ideas to help with spelling which can also be applied to other subject areas where material needs to be memorized. Engaging multiple sensory pathways including visual, tactile, auditory, and kinesthetic learning helps the brain create stronger neural pathways necessary for long term learning and automaticity. Room: Prosperity

Aunt Ruth’s Grammar (Joel Schnoor/Gennesaret Press) – In this workshop, you will learn to teach grammar and to correct your own grammatical mistakes in 43 – very humorous short stories. The book is written for middle school and up, although strong 3rd and 4th grade readers will enjoy the book. You will become familiar with the accompanying teaching worksheets which also make learning grammar solid and fun. Should you use its or it’s, hopeful or hopefully, can or may? These questions and many others are answered in ways that will stick with your kids. This is a unique concept in learning grammar through humor. The whole family will enjoy learning. Room: Epiphany

Saturday, August 7, 2010 – 10:00 AM

Social Skills (Beth Ellen Nash/Cornerstone Learning Connections) – Some kids need to be explicitly taught some of the social skills that Beth Ellen will overview in this workshop. These include conflict resolution, self-monitoring, self-marketing/ image development, collaboration, linguistic pragmatics, and reading and acting on social information. Room: Nirvana A

Writing Well: A Plan for Grades 1-12 (Susan Wise Bauer/Author, Story of the World) – An overall plan for producing good writers at home.  This workshop explains how to guide your student through a simple progression (copying, dictation, narration, summarizing, outlining, short critical essays, long critical essays, research paper) that will develop both writing and thinking skills in a systematic, stepwise manner.  Includes suggestions on how to use these writing and thinking skills in every area of the curriculum.  Recommended for those teaching all K-6 students, as well as for those teaching older students who are reluctant writers. Room: Nirvana C

But What About the Experts? (Lisa Brown/Homeschool Mother of 4) – We’ve all been trained and ingrained to take the “word” of the “experts” in any field, so long as they have letters behind [or in front of] their name. Rarely do we question what we are told. We follow what counsel we are given, often finding out much too late that the counsel was not good. As an example, we all hear the term “medical practice” ~ but almost never consider its literal meaning. It’s a *practice* ~ and they are quite literally practicing on us and our families! Come hear another side. Learn about the disease of *expertitis* from which most of us suffer or have suffered. Most importantly, learn how to discern when to listen, and to whom. In addition to realizing the catastrophic affect had by expertitis, this amazing workshop offers an eye-opening revelation about the “world of experts” you will be thrilled to see! Room: Innovation

Big Happy Families (Randi St. Denis/Home Educators Encouragement Alliance) – As the middle child of 9 children and the mother of 7 children, Randi reveals all her best secrets for raising and educating a big family. From cleaning to history and dishes to chemistry, learn how to enjoy the true blessings a big family has to offer. Room: Imagination

How to Teach a Child to See God in Nature (Nancy Riddle/Him Visible) – This workshop will examine some of the reasons why children cannot see God in nature. It shares Nancy Riddle’s revelations and their impact on her discovery of God in nature. Together the workshop explores how seeing God in nature impacts a child’s life. Many of the techniques that Nancy used in her classroom are revealed. Many examples of the “double meanings” of animals and plants are discussed. Many “aha”s will be found. You will learn how to teach a child to expand the observed relationships to other areas of life. Tips on how to utilize these principles in various science courses are given. You will be taught how to use these principles in subjects other than science. The importance of “questions” in teaching will be amplified. Of everything taught in elementary school, teaching a child to see God in nature may have the most profound impact on their life. Room: Connection

The Biblical Basis for Parental Rights. Who owns the children? (Israel Wayne/Homeschool Digest) – Does the state have a compelling interest in your child’s education? What are your rights as a homeschooling parent? Do you know what to do if a social worker shows up for an unexpected visit? Israel shares personal stories and insights from the early days of the homeschooling movement when many parents faced jail and the removal of their children from the home if they chose to home educate. Learn how to equip yourself to stand against opposition. Room: Prosperity

From Homeschool to Private School [at Home] (Marilyn Mosely Gordanier/Laurel Springs) – There are a multitude of options for families to maintain consistency with their school of enrollment no matter where they reside. This session will provide the Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Choosing A Distance Learning Program. Room: Epiphany

Saturday, August 7, 2010 – 11:15 AM

Lapbooking (Kelly Ling/Homeschool Mother of 5) – Use simple items like scissors, construction paper, and glue to create beautiful displays that get children excited about writing. Kelly shows beautiful lap books and discusses other creative ways to encourage writing.  Room:  Nirvana A

Every Dad a Homeschooling Dad! (Dad’s only) (Todd Wilson/Familyman Ministries) – You may not crack open a book, work through a curriculum, or call it school, but it’s your job to train your children. Join me as we look at the trials, triumphs, and tribulations of training our children. Now don’t worry, I won’t make you feel guilty or give you a forty-six point outline, but I promise to tell it straight and to encourage you in the best job there is – fathering. Room: Nirvana C

A Lesson in Backyard Games – Get Them Writing, Reading & Playing (Marlene Byrne/Project Play Books) – Backyard games like “kick the can” and “ghost in the graveyard” are becoming extinct. Yet homeschoolers have a unique understanding about the importance of getting kids out in the backyard, where they can use their imaginations and creativity to have fun. Similar to homeschooling, backyard games allow children of all ages to play together without the comparisons and age restrictions of organized sports and other activities. They learn how to play and communicate with kids of different ages, breaking the age barrier and preparing them for life outside of the classroom. This workshop will introduce parents and educators to new and adventurous lesson plans that get kids writing, reading, and above all, thinking about their favorite backyard games. In particular, the workshop will provide homeschoolers with unique game ideas, tips and year-round inspiration for getting kids out in the backyard, where they can develop skills like creativity and negotiation. Room: Innovation

Music Makes a Major Difference (Lisa Brown/Homeschool Mom) – Music is such fun ~ we all enjoy it! What we did not know is that it improves many other areas of learning exponentially! In this enjoyable workshop, learn why music is so important, what areas of learning it improves and why, and how it broadens our horizons in ways we never imagined. Here you will even learn how to apply music to help your special needs child. Finally, we can understand some of the many reasons we are all so drawn to music, automatically! Come learn what a major difference music really makes ~ you will be amazed!. Room: Imagination

Teaching Science Using All Learning Styles (Carolyn Morrison/Guiltfree Homeschooling) – Are you struggling to teach science? Science isn’t scary; science is just asking “Why?” and “How?” You will be encouraged by this non-threatening, idea-packed workshop filled with simple, fun activities using ordinary household materials and utensils. Teaching the concepts with all learning styles (visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic) will remove your worries about how to keep your students’ attention! You will be energized with confidence, and your students will beg you for more science!  Room: Connection

Why Spend Time on Handwriting (Jean Wetherilt, OTR/L/Poss Abilities, Inc.) – Handwriting is an important skill that is necessary for academic success and for life skills. Legibility comes from more than simply choosing the right curriculum. In this workshop you will learn ways to discover specific obstacles and subsequent teaching techniques to assist your student in acquiring functional handwriting. Room: Prosperity

Financial Integrity Versus Ethics (Douglas Offermann/Douglas Offermann, CPA) – Workshop demonstrates how major financial failures (personal & corporate) occurred and how to explain them to children of various age groups.  As well as how use discernment in finance opportunities.  Room: Epiphany

Saturday, August 7, 2010 – 12:30 PM

Understanding Attention (Beth Ellen Nash/Cornerstone Learning Connections) – Beth Ellen discusses 14 different areas where attention can be a problem. She will introduces a tool called the “Concentration Cockpit” (by Mel Levine) to help students understand and manage their attention issues. Other practical suggestions will be offered as well. Room: Nirvana A

Teaching Students to Work Independently (Susan Wise Bauer/Author, Story of the World) – A plan for helping middle and high school (logic and rhetoric-stage) students move towards independent learning.  Offers step-by-step guidance for parents and students as well as troubleshooting.  Students in grades 7-12 are encouraged to attend. Room: Nirvana C

The Dad Impact (Amy Burnham/Homeschool Mother of 2, Beacon Support Group) – 5 ways to get fathers involved in the homeschool experience. Mother’s have the largest job in the day to day of educating their children. They not only are working on academics, but also making sure that the home is clean and organized while maintaining order among siblings. It’s a 24/7 job that needs some back up from time to time. It’s important that father’s help out in the task, whether it be helping in teaching, supporting mom’s emotionally or more importantly buying into the whole concept of the home education of their children. Their impact can make a big difference in your child’s lives as well as mom’s! Amy will provide five ways that will help in getting dad’s more involved in the whole experience! Room: Innovation

How to Help Gifted Students More Effectively (Randi St. Denis/Home Educators Encouragement Alliance) – Discover ways to help gifted children to achieve their potential without self destructing from stress. Gifted kids are children too! Sometimes they are more mature than anyone else and sometimes they are more babyish than anyone else. Learn secrets to pacing gifted children, encouraging them to tackle tough scenarios, helping them learn resilience when they hit a wall, and helping them to develop better social skills. Room: Imagination

Effective Environmental Stewardship (Jonathan Witt/Acton Institute) – Effective environmental stewardship is about more than the money we drop into the collection plate.  Stewardship is everything we do after we say we believe. Learn how to think critically and biblically about the areas of responsibility that have been entrusted to you by God.  Room: Connection

Teaching Struggling Readers and Spellers (Denise Eide/Pedia Learning) – Do you have a child who struggles with reading or spelling? So many people who struggle are auditory or kinesthetic learners. We will discuss how to target these learners and help them to soar by using all four learning modes. In addition, many children with logical/literal, engineering minds become frustrated by English, when they are taught inconsistent “funny” phonics rules. Sadly, these learners often internalize “I am not good at English” when in reality they have not been taught well. This workshop will show how to engage them, and teach to their strengths. We will also discuss how to prevent and aid students with dyslexia and visual tracking problems. Through the workshop you will be introduced to Spell to Write and Read, a Spalding based program which has been used successfully by students from preschool through adult to teach and remediate reading and spelling. Room: Prosperity

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Online Education (Mimi Rothshild/Learning By Grace) – Online learning can enrich your homeschooling & it can make life with your children easier & more peaceful. It can give you time & space. Leveraging technology & selecting outstanding web based resources is a skill like any other that needs to be learned. This workshop will provide you with everything you need to know to become online homeschooling experts. We will explore the vocabulary used to describe online learning options & we will uncover the wide range of opportunities available on the web; you will learn what to look for, how to ask the right questions & how to identify & then meet your child’s needs with technology. Room: Epiphany

Saturday, August 7, 2010 – 1:45 PM

How to Deal with Children Who Are Whiners & Complainers (Kelly Ling/Homeschool Mother of 5) – Children who whine and complain their way through life can sap all the joy out of what a parent hoped would be an enjoyable homeschooling experience. Take heart! Talking from lots of experience, Kelly offers helpful examples and ideas to curb whining while appropriately giving voice to a whining child’s actual needs. Moms and Dads, you don’t have to let negativity derail your homeschooling efforts. Kelly shows you how. Room: Nirvana A

What About Socialization? (Israel Wayne/Homeschool Digest) – Do you know where the theory of peer group socialization originated? Learn what really drives the question: “What About Socialization?” Also, Israel will provide you with four questions to help determine whether your child’s socialization activities are beneficial to your family. Israel shares candidly from his dual perspectives as a homeschooled student and now father. Room: Nirvana C

Yes! Your Child Can Get a Great Homeschool Math Education (Randi St. Denis, Homeschool Mother of 7, Educational Consultant/Tutor) – Even if you hated Math and know you can’t teach more than arithmetic, you can give your child a great math education.  Randi shares secrets that help parents choose great math materials and finally understand how to help their kids without all the mom’s, dad’s or children’s tears.  Randi reviews curriculums and gives all kinds of helps and learning tricks from Arithmetic to Calculus.  Room:  Innovation

Neither Slave Nor Bum: Teach Your Kids to be Good Workers (Lisa Brown/Homeschool Mother of 4) – Academics are always important in our homeschooling. But they are not alone! Ultimately, we strive to raise and train our children to be capable, productive, self-sufficient members of society. We work to make successful adults! Learn the secrets to finding and keeping the “happy medium” between making “slaves” or “bums” of your kids ~ and what a tremendous impact this has on their lives! In order to be good workers, we must teach them the self- confidence that comes from working properly. Join us to learn what we were never taught. You will be so encouraged ~ leaving equipped to train your children properly, rather than later having to retrain adults! Room: Imagination

How to Think (And how to get your kids to do it too) (Martin Cothran/Memoria Press) – Just as you need to prepare yourself to do sports by learning how to exercise and prepare yourself to perform music by learning the musical scales, so too you need to prepare your mind to think rationally. The system of formal logic has traditionally been the way this was done. Logis is the original thinking skill. Learn what logic is and how you can teach it in your home school. Room: Connection

America the Beautiful: Giants of American History (Jim Weiss/Greathall Productions) – America has been blessed with numerous heroic, extraordinary men and women who are real-life role models for our children. In this workshop, Jim Weiss presents riveting, time-honored, true stories that provide character, history and life lessons. Jim will show parents ways to make these people come to life in history and language arts lessons as well as how to offer perspective between the times in which they lived and today’s world. Room: Prosperity

Nutrition 101 – Choose Life! (Audrey Miller/Simpler Times Health) – This health curriculum is a three-in-one family nutrition and health program for all ages that presents the major body systems, how they function, their common health issues, the benefits of good food and the consequences of bad food. With hands-on activities, science and art projects and nearly 80 family-friendly recipes, this program teaches and reinforces the why’s of what we should eat, not just “because I said so”. Containing a complete reference guide filled with nutrition facts, charts, practical tips and an exhaustive index, Nutrition 101 – Choose Life! Will serve as a constant resource for improved health and abundant living. Room: Epiphany

Saturday, August 7, 2010 – 3:00 PM

Using Learning Styles to Develop Excellent Study Skills! (Carolyn Morrison/Guiltfree Homeschooling) – See how to use learning styles to help your students establish effective, individual study skills for high school, college, and beyond. These are practical, proven, learning style techniques that will challenge everything you’ve ever been told about studying! Room: Nirvana A

Ten Things You Need to Teach Your Child Before Graduation (Todd Wilson/Familyman Ministries) – In a homeschooling world of unlimited options and choices, homeschooling can be overwhelming. Should I cover advanced algebra, ancient history, quantum mechanics, or insist on violin lessons? The truth is, you have limited time and can’t cover it all. BUT there are 10 things that you should instill in your children before they graduate to assure them future success in their adult years. Laugh along with Todd as he cuts away the tall weeds and steers you down the path to what matters most.  Room:  Nirvana C

The K12 International Academy (iCademy) (Nancy Condon/K12) – At the K12 International Academy, our vision is to create a global community of students, teachers, parents, and mentors that is connected by technology and dedicated to developing the unique character and intellect of each student, thereby laying the foundation for his or her success in life. Learn more about this school, course options, teacher, advisor and guidance counselor roles and part-time and full-time options. Discover how the K12 curriculum excites young minds – Join us to discover how K12 delivers individualized learning for each and every child using rich, challenging, and engaging content, cutting-edge technology and purposefully chosen books and materials.  Room:  Imagination

Whacko Weeks (Amy Burnham) – A 12 step approach to make your priorities AND school fit into your schedule. Driving here, driving there, cleaning house, cooking meals, paying bills, doing laundry, feeding pets, etc. It can seem like most of our days are spent doing everything but school. Then the wasted days turn into wasted weeks. How do we get it all done and still stay sane and in charge? We’ll work together on setting our priorities, determining how to toss out wasted activities and feel successful week after week! 12 steps may seem like a lot, but we will take one step at a time and never look back at another wasted day! Room: Innovation

Teaching Finances in a Tough Economy (Douglas Offermann/Douglas Offermann, CPA) – Suggested projects & principles for parents to teach kids Money Management principles from a Christian perspective. Room: Connection

Higher Order Thinking (Beth Ellen Nash/Cornerstone Learning Connections) – Beth Ellen will present several areas of higher order thinking including the Concept of a Concept, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, and Mental Representations of thinking. Room: Prosperity