Chicago Homeschool Expo

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I am new to Homeschooling, how can I learn?

Be sure to attend Homeschooling for Excellence 101 on Wednesday. This full day seminar gives personalized help for those parents who are new to homeschooling or just considering homeschooling.

Is there a used book fair at the Homeschool Expo?


Is there a fee for me to just come and shop?

Whether you plan on attending any of the many workshops available, or whether you just want to browse the Exhibit Hall, it is the same price. Your Expo registration covers Thursday & Friday, all day.

Are children allowed to attend?

Yes. We encourage families to attend together. And Children attend the Expo FREE. In the Exhibit Hall, lots of people play in the game area and climb the rock wall. Optional Conferences for children include KidsZone ages 4 -12 and Worldview Teen Track ages 13-18 where we strive to invigorate children for all kinds of learning . These is an additional fee for these conferences.

Is there a fee for my child to attend?

No. All children under the age of 18 may attend the Expo (Thursday and Friday) FREE of charge with their parents. Two exceptions are KidsZone and the Worldview Teen Track.

Can my mother, father, sister, friend, or anyone attend with me as part of a Husband/Wife registration?

No, only a husband and wife may register for the Husband/Wife registration.

Are there any parking fees at the Convention Center?


I can’t attend every day of the Expo. Do I have to pay for all the days?

We keep the Expo at one, low affordable rate for both days, regardless of how much you attend. We hope you are able to enjoy the many workshops available on each day and also have time to go through the Exhibit Hall at your leisure.

Do you offer any opportunities to volunteer in order to attend the convention at no charge?

Yes, we always welcome volunteers. Please visit our Volunteer Page to request your volunteer times.

Is there food available?

Yes. There are concessions in the Exhibit Hall and at the restaurants adjacent to the hotel.

I have purchased a registration, but am now unable to attend. Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds – just as if you had purchased tickets to a concert or a ball game.

Will I be able to buy recordings of the Seminar & Workshop sessions?

Yes! Most sessions will be recorded and available for purchase during the Expo. You can purchase them at Resounding Voice in the exhibit hall.

I have already purchased my registration and my husband has decided to come along with me. Can we still get the Husband/Wife registration?

Yes. Just come to the Registration desk the day you first attend, and we will collect the additional fees required for a Husband/Wife registration at that time.

Can I downgrade my registration from a Husband/Wife registration to an individual registration?

As stated above, we do not offer refunds, so make sure you purchase the registration you need.

Volunteer FAQ’s

Do I have to work personally? 
No anyone can work to earn FREE event registrations for another person.

Can I earn more than one admission? 
Yes, you can earn as many as the hours you work.

What admissions can I earn and how many hours must I work for each admission?
 You can earn admission to your choices of:  the Expo Convention, Homeschooling for Excellence 101 (this registration includes the Homeschool Expo and Workshops), Worldview Teen Track, KidsZone.

What will I be doing as a volunteer? 
Our volunteer managers will guide you as you perform a variety of tasks which may include working at the front desk, helping in KidsZone, helping Expo staff in the Convention Hall, etc.