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Homeschooling in Illinois

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Chicago Homeschool Expo

Tinley Park Convention Center

Tinley Park, IL

Dates: TBA

COME AND ENJOY a two-day Expo devoted entirely to the display, sale and discussion of educational materials with entire exhibit hall displays of materials by the best Christian, secular and specialty publishers. FREE Exhibit Hall with workshop admission for parents/teachers and novice homeschoolers.

homeschooler1At perhaps no other time do homeschooling families feel a need to rejuvenate than those weeks before beginning a new school year. We’d like to suggest a perfect opportunity for lifting your spirits, renewing your vision and sharpening your teaching skills as a homeschooler. BRING FRIENDS! All educationally minded parents enjoy Looking and Learning!

The Homeschool Expo is conveniently located in the Tinley Park Convention Center. Families of all size can come and enjoy lot’s of fun activities and plenty of learning! Hear from the best speakers and stay up to date with the latest trends in homeschooling.

The Homeschool Expo is a “don’t miss” whole family two-day event with exhibitors featuring thousands of products where parents can review and purchase the latest curriculum, hear great speakers who give practical encouragement, and receive personalized help and answers to any question. Our workshops especially emphasize the practical aspects of working with children in ways that will promote their educational, social and emotional growth.From gifted children all the way to the struggling learners – you’ll find great encouragement at the Expo. Helpful parents and other experts are willing to spend the time to demonstrate exactly how to homeschool in a way that fits your family’s lifestyle, (from a wide variety of perspectives of course!) and specifically how to make your family’s homeschool journey enjoyable and satisfying.

Also During Expo:

  • Homeschooling for Excellence 101 – A one-day conference for parents thinking about or beginning homeschooling.  This conference is the day prior to the Homeschool Expo and includes admission to all 3 days.
  • KidsZone – Our goal with KidsZone is remind children that learning is rewarding, interesting, and that learning can happen anywhere, at anytime.  This is an optional event just for children and held all three days – during Homeschool for Excellence 101 AND the Homeschool Expo.  At KidsZone, children attend a variety of workshops just for them that engage them challenge them to become active and excited learners.
  • Worldview Teen Track – Let’s face it.  Today’s world is tough!  Especially for teens.  Worldview Teen Track challenges your child to think hard about their faith and how it applies to the real world today. Students ages 13 and above are treated like real people who wrestle with real issues — and who need answers that match the real world.
  • College Fair – Many homeschooling families now find themselves faced with questions about college for their homeschooled children.  During the Homeschool Expo, the College allows students and parents to interact with a wide range of homeschool friendly colleges and universities and discuss course offerings, admission, financial aid requirements and other information important to the collection selection process.