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Exhibitor Regulations

  1.  Application must be accompanied by check for total price for booth space(s). Please make check payable to Chicago Homeschool Expo, LLC. No booths will be reserved without payment.
  2. Exhibitor Booth Cancellation / Refund Policy – Exhibitor shall have the right to cancel booth space agreement at any time by written notice to Chicago Homeschool Expo, LLC. In the event of such cancellation received up to 60 calendar days prior to Expo, Chicago Homeschool Expo, LLC shall refund booth space fee minus a $100 cancellation fee. No refunds will be made on cancellations received within 60 calendar days prior to Expo. Under all circumstances, Chicago Homeschool Expo, LLC retains the right to resell any booth space canceled by exhibitor.
  3. Chicago Homeschool Expo, LLC reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any application if the products to be displayed are deemed unsuitable for the purposes of Chicago Homeschool Expo, LLC. Final decisions will be made by the Executive Board. If application is not accepted by Chicago Homeschool Expo, LLC, all monies paid will be returned to applicant within 30 days of notification.
  4.  Exhibitor agrees that in the event he/she fails to install his/her product in the assigned space by 6 PM, Wednesday, or fails to comply with the provisions of this agreement, Chicago Homeschool Expo, LLC shall have the right to take possession of said space and release or use that space without rebate to the Exhibitor.
  5. It is mutually agreed that Chicago Homeschool Expo, LLC and the Tinley Park Convention Center shall not be liable to the Exhibitor, and said Exhibitor will hold harmless the aforementioned, for any loss or damage or injury to his/her property contained in such exhibit; or injuries to his/her person, his/her agents, employees or other persons, no matter how sustained, from fire, theft, accident or other causes. All claims for such loss, damage or injury are hereby expressly waived.
  6.  The Exhibitor agrees that Chicago Homeschool Expo, LLC shall have the right to make rules and regulations for said exhibition as it shall deem necessary and to amend same from time to time. Chicago Homeschool Expo, LLC shall have the final determination and enforcement of all rules and regulations.
  7. Exhibit space shall be available for setup on Wednesday as noted in brochure. Tear-down will be ONLY on Friday evening. Tear-down any other time during the show is strictly prohibited.
  8.  All exhibited products must be confined to the limits of the booths assigned. Aisle space must be left entirely free for traffic. All exhibitors utilizing cooking equipment must have at least one ABC fire extinguisher in the booth during the entire show. No open flame (gas) cooking is permitted in the Tinley Park Convention Center by the order of the Fire Marshall.
  9. Exhibitor agrees to have assigned booth space open and operated at all times during show hours.
  10. No food or beverage items may be sold in the exhibit area.