Family Economics Conference 2012 in Wheaton, IL March 8-10, 2012

Family Economics Conference 2012 in Wheaton, IL March 8-10, 2012

Popular homeschool conference on business and economics comes to Illinois this year!

The economies of the world around us rise and fall, corporations come and go, but we are hopeful and excited about the future of the family economy. Families around America are beginning to see the vision for work and economics that existed for over 4,000 years – family-based production in the context of the household. Forget about world GDP, population implosion, or the CPI for just a moment, and consider the power of a family unit knit together in relationship, love, and honor – all diligently working toward the single goal of being productive for the kingdom of God.

This is the vision that you’ll find at the 2012 Family Economics conference, and it couldn’t come at a better time. While politicians are positioning for power and bankers scheme on the future of the world financial markets, we’re preparing families to grab a hammer and anvil and forge a fruitful household economy for the kingdom of God!


Join us in Chicago, Illinois on March 8-10 for this exciting, yet practical summit on Family Economics. Featured speakers include Kevin Swanson, Erik Weir, Steve and Teri Maxwell, Alex and Cassie Michael, RC Sproul Jr. and more! We’ll have several exciting tracks, including a Family Entrepreneur track, Proverbs 31 track for moms, and a Family Freedom track addressing the challenges of a family vision in 21st Century America. In addition, the conference will once again be packed with Q&A panels where you will have opportunity to interact with the speakers.

Also included in the price of registration is a family pass to the 2012 Annual Liberty Day Celebration on Saturday night after the conference (value of $59).

Register now for only $279 for the entire family! Go to to register now!


Topics you will find there…


  • Household Budget Management
  • Marketing a Family Business
  • The Duties of Dominion
  • Household Chores and Time Management
  • Facing an Onslaught of Socialism
  • Considerations Before Leaving Corporate America
  • Raising Sons to Provide
  • Keys to Being a Successful Family Entrepreneur
  • Stories from Successful Family Start-Ups
  • Q&A Panels
  • …and much more!