Arrowhead Tutors Joliet

Private group tutoring and individual tutoring. All ages and subjects.
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Comprehensive Homeschool Education Package

Howard Educational Consulting Group has over 15 years of experience in providing quality educational services to our community. Our goal is to continue the legacy of promoting
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Creation College Planning Services

Helping parents and college bound high schoolers navigate through the college admissions process.
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HiFiKids educational networking

Please visit and try to understand the concept. It has multiple tools which can help you or your students: - improve memory by submitting your own quizzes and then practicing it before exams (like taking notes in the home school class and converting notes into small small quizzes to practice it before exams) - Spaced rehearsal repetition algorithm to do revisions in the intervals recommended by hifikids for specific quiz items which are hard to remember. Hifikids will send you emails on your cell phone with quiz items and correct answer so that you can revise your hard questions from anywhere. - Peer-to-Peer engagement where students can quiz each other -Connect to friends only if they can answer your quiz in the invite. You can challenge quiz to-and-fro until you decide that you can become friends. -Submit quizzes from the quiz-board and friends can quiz each other in avery friendly environment. -Incentives for the class owners if paid students join your classes and also referral bonus for referring other teachers or students.
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Maranatha Online

High school students - get a head start on college and save over 6K on tuition!
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Automated online math tutor - Enter your search term or math problem, push a button, and every single line of work appears which shows you how to get to your answer.
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Passport 2 College

No-cost tuition waived college courses available at DeVry University
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The College List

The College List is a compilation of 700 colleges and universities which have kept costs reasonable.
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Yes Class, LLC.

A combination of our interactive, online tutoring and one-on-one assistance can help improve your child's math and English skills.
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