Mathnasium of Schaumburg

We are Math only Learning Center dedicated to teaching math in a way that makes sense to kids. We offer math tutoring to kids all ages. OUR METHOD: Our approach is to use sophisticated techniques to determine, with great accuracy, what a student knows and does not know. Next, we tailor-make a personalized and prescriptive learning program. Each student follows the program with the help of specially trained Mathnasium math tutors who provide instruction—and lots of warm encouragement. For proof of progress, we rely on the student's report card, independent tests, and parent testimony to measure the speed and magnitude of improvement in math skills, numerical thinking, and attitude. EVALUATE : Comprehensive Written and Oral Evaluation Mathnasium students are given a two-part diagnostic test. The first is a written test designed to assess the student's weakness with respect to grade-level material. The second part is a series of oral questions, designed to assess the depth of the student's understanding of key math concepts and skills. EDUCATE : Customized Program for Your Child We use the results of our assessment to develop a learning plan and provide curriculum materials that cater to the unique needs of the student. Students receive one-on-one guidance from a qualified Mathnasium math tutor when they visit the center. The curriculum focuses on primarily written materials and mental math, and includes manipulatives and other teaching tools when appropriate. Learning new concepts is balanced with practicing those that have already been learned. Kids usually "work out" once or twice a week for about an hour. VALIDATE : Demonstrate and Measure Results We believe your child's progress (and improved attitude) will be obvious to you, the parent.

Mathnasium of Schaumburg August 2, 2011