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Speech Helps

Speech Helps “Brer Rabbit keep on axin im en de Tar-Baby, she keep on sayin nothin, twel presenty Brer Rabbit draw back wid his fis, he did, en blip he tuck er side er de head.” Tell me, does Uncle Remus need speech therapy or does he just need to study his spelling words! Maybe your child speaks and writes just like Uncle Remus, and you’re not sure if he will become a famous writer with a unique linguistic perspective, or that this (dis)ability is really his educational stumbling block!

Endangered Minds

Endangered Minds Have you noticed how hard it is to get a child to really think? Have you ever wondered about the effects of television, computers and video games on thinking? Have you wondered if these things are beneficial or harmful to a child’s education?

Ten Tips for Working with the Resistant Child

If you have a child like this you might want to try this teaching tip: 1. First, create a balance with his school work.  He should have •    Some work to do with you. •    Other work that is well within his ability that he can do entirely on his own. •    A large portion of time for self directed learning and exploration.