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Ann Haney

MOTIVATIONAL, LIFE APPLICATION, SCRIPTURE BASED! This best describes what you will receive from Ann’s presentations. She has been equipping families, men, women, children, Home Schooler’s, Veteran’s, the Unemployed and more with the tools to rise above circumstances and become not only overcomers, but achievers since 1999. In 2011 alone she spoke over 150 times to various groups.


*Nashville Fox 17 news on 5 different occasions
*Nashville Radio Talk Shows including Renee Bobb Empowerment For Women
*The Tennessean
*The Shelbyville Times Gazette (where she was a weekly coupon columnist from Jan-Dec 2011)
*Nashville Examiner (where she currently writes as a coupon columnist)
*The Leaf Chronicle
*The Upside of Money “Faith & Finance”
*The DNJ
*Illinois Alliant Magazine (for Poetry Works)


*Author/Publisher of 7+ Home School Products including–Best Seller “Homeschool Daily Planner For Curriculum” 5 years in a row

*Author/Publisher of 11+ Coupon Products
*Home School Support Group Leader

*Home School Motivational Speaker

*Author/Publisher of DVD’s/Audio CD’s motivational/scriptural based

*Writer for Monthly Home School Newsletter

*Regular Ministry at Ft. Campbell Military Base, VA Recovery and Goodwill Career Centers

*Home Mission Projects Board Member

*Author/Publisher of Raising Entrepreneurial Children For Success (available at the conference)

Ann is the wife of over 20 years and home school mother of six children (ages 8-24) for 16+ years, owner of a home business “Aaron Publishing” and Ann Haney Ministries. Ann has learned the strategies it takes to develop entrepreneurial mindsets within women, children and men by setting a foundation of confidence in the abilities God puts within each individual to succeed. Upon setting the foundation she will use life application principles to help you stir up the gift within you and your child for success. These successes can be seen in two of her 6 children who own their own businesses.

In 2009 Ann began teaching couponing classes that grew much popularity due to her “get out of debt scripture based teaching”.

Ann began researching the couponing principles when her husbands construction employment began to decline in 2009 as a way of helping the family save anywhere they could.Ann is no stranger to difficult circumstances, as her family was homeless for six weeks in the year 2000. Having been through this situation prompted Ann to do all she could to become an overcomer as opposed to a victim of circumstances. Shortly after these took off she received sponsorship by Churchill Mortgage (the only mortgage company endorsed by Dave Ramsey) due to this success. The testimonies flooded in of people using their savings to come out of poverty, pay off bills, and cars. Many were even able to start savings accounts, emergency funds and take vacations. Ann’s couponing classes are a sure success as she teaches you to have maximum savings with minimal time. You don’t have to be “extreme’ or “loaded with time” to be successful!


*How can I save money for my family without spending an enormous amount of time with coupons?
*How can I plan ahead without getting behind?
*How can I apply Biblical principals to couponing for success?

*How can I discover the God-given gift in my life and the life of my child?

*Am I too old or too young to prosper with my God-given gift?

*How can I gain confidence to use my gift when the competition seems so great?

*How can I fight off discouragement from others and myself?

*How can I change the patterns of the “employee” mindset to an “entrepreneurial” mindset?